Heather P

I'm a professional organizer and I love 1-800-JUNKPRO! I work with them every chance I get. I used to work with another big hauler but the truth is that these guys and gals are so darn pleasant that I feel much more comfortable inviting them into my clients' houses. I even schedule them to come when I'm not there sometimes because I'm completely confident that the PROS will interact professionally.

The best part though is that my clients have a much easier time getting rid of things when they know they're going to a good place. With 1-800-JUNKPRO, I know that's true. They donate everything they can, recycle the rest and only take stuff to the dump when they have absolutely no other alternative. Plus, they come and get whatever you want to give away from wherever it is in your house. That means that you don't have to collect and lug the stuff down to one pick up spot. Just point them in the direction and they'll climb the stairs. (They once had to go up and down 30+ stairs to a client's attic for me and they barely broke a sweat!)

 I'm a big fan.

-Heather P.



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