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The Opportunity
A Day in the Life
of an Owner
Follow Joe (the owner) through a typical day in this 2 minute video.
Build Your Own Business in a Rapidly Growing Industry
This is your chance to get into a rapidly growing, $50 billion industry, right on the ground floor. We have two types of franchise opportunities available, and we have prime territories available for you to grow your business.
Standard Franchise
  • Territory population of 500,000+
  • Both Dumpster Rental and Junk Removal Services
  • Additional zones available with 250,000 people per zone
Small Market Franchise
  • Territory population up to 499,999
  • Start with Dumpster Rental Services. Add Junk Removal Services later (if you choose to)
  • Lower investment requirements
Join Our Passionate,
Results-Driven Franchise Owners
A franchise system is only as good as each of its individual franchise owners. That’s why we’re selective in choosing candidates who are qualified and motivated leaders, committed to long-term growth, and excited to join a customer focused business.
The people who have the most success with 1-800-JUNKPRO:
  • Are closely aligned with our core values and prepared to use them when making decisions
  • Have strong leadership experience and good communication skills when working in a team style environment
  • Trust and follow our existing systems and process
  • Can adapt and evolve with change
  • Are passionate about building a successful, multi-truck operation
Why Us?
Our Customer Contact Center is not just a call center. It’s a team of highly trained salespeople who are there to make your life easier. The friendly team is available to answer customer questions, overcome objections, and book jobs with your location directly on our online booking schedule.
1-800-JUNKPRO franchise owners benefit from multiple revenue streams. Offering both dumpster rental services and junk removal services sets us apart from the competition. Either one is great business on its own, but our franchise owners get the benefit of two business for one franchise fee.
You get exclusive access to both revenue streams in a protected territory, giving you the freedom to grow your business without overlap or competition from other franchise owners.
From the moment new franchisees sign their franchise agreement they become a part of our family. Our processes, team members, and resources are all aligned to deliver the education, motivation and support to successfully launch your new business, and continue for the life of the business. WE are a TEAM.
  • Training
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Research & Development
  • Operational Support
The Numbers
Approximate Investment Range:

$62,500 to $485,000

What You'll Need to Get Started:
  • Minimum Liquid Capital: $75,000
  • Net Worth: $300,000
  • Good Credit: Rating above 680
  • The Initial Investment
To be successful in this franchise, you must have sufficient capital to launch, operate, and grow the business.
Interested in seeing our financials? We're proud to share our full Item 19 from our Franchise Disclosure Document.
Opportunities Available
No Markets Available
About Us

In a nutshell, we’re a team of fun-loving lovers of fun, who love giving our customers the best customer service on the planet while having a great time doing it. More on that later. As far as the service we provide, there are 2 sides, Dumpster Rental for the do-it-yourselfer, and full-service Junk Removal for anyone wanting us to lift, carry, load, and haul away their items from anywhere on their property.

Our franchise partners have exclusive rights to both services in their territory. During your discovery process, you’ll learn that this dual-income franchise system has many benefits and is a very solid business model built for long-term success.

We’re serious about giving our customers “The Best Customer Service on the Planet.”But as we mentioned before, we also love FUN and strongly believe it’s important to have a blast together at work. We think this culture is key to growing our brand to be the biggest powerhouse in the industry, not just another participant!

Why? Because customers notice the difference. The waste removal industry is often mocked for grumpy employees and poor customer service, but our team members are happy, friendly, and helpful. They buck those trends in every way. Customers choose us because of the impression they get when they first inquire, and they keep coming back because of the exceptional service our truck team members provide.

Our Core Values aren’t just an inspirational piece of wall art that we point out during orientation. They guide our decisions each and every day. From helping customers, discussing ideas for new projects, deciding on the best solution for a special request, or hiring new team members.

These are the core values that guide our behavior and our decisions:

Be Positive & Accountable
Customer Obsession
Communicate With Integrity
Competitive Urgency
Learn, Innovate & Simplify
Accomplish More With Less
Share The Fruit
Be Humble
Brittany Scheer
Shawn Govern
Misty Davis
CFO (AKA Chief Fun Officer)
Mike Davis

A Unique Road to Success

Mike and Misty Davis opened the first 1-800-JUNKPRO location in Wichita, KS, in 1999. Unlike so many other stories, this one doesn’t include an entrepreneur with a clear view of the future. Both 20 and with no formal business education, mentors, or idea of what the company would look like, Mike and Misty were simply looking to earn a little extra income and keep food on the table for themselves and their two beautiful daughters.

Over time, the business grew, and in 2006 a vision was born. They went to work developing processes and systems that could be scaled up to reach the goal of 333 profitable locations and achieve $1 billion in revenue. In 2016 they granted their first franchise and haven’t looked back since.

Meet Our Franchisees
Clint Pringle
Missouri | 1-800-JUNKPRO Franchisee
"I’m a 1-800-JUNKPRO franchise owner in Kansas City, MO. I started June 2016 with one truck and twelve dumpsters and in less than two years I have grown my territory exponentially. I now have three dumpster trucks, fifty seven dumpsters and a junk removal truck. 1-800-JUNKPRO has aggressively helped me grow my territory in a very short amount of time and I look forward to continuing my expansion."
Les Claypool
Illinois | 1-800-JUNKPRO Franchisee
"As I was researching franchises I came across 1-800-JUNKPRO. 1-800-JUNKPRO was willing to offer me a much larger territory than all of the other franchises I looked at. It’s very exciting to be one of the first franchises in the system. The support and assistance I receive from the 1-800-JUNKPRO team is outstanding."
Sharon Markham
Mississippi | 1-800-JUNKPRO Franchisee
I am super excited to be a franchise owner in Jackson, MS. I worked as the Operations Manager for 1-800-JUNKPRO for nearly 2 years and absolutely loved the business and our customers. When the opportunity presented itself for us to have complete ownership of a 1-800-JUNKPRO location we knew it was simply a blessing. The training and operational support from my family at 1-800-JUNKPRO is exceptional. I love the protected territory as well as the two streams of income so that your business is continuously growing.
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