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1-800-JUNKPRO® was founded in Wichita, Kansas, in 1999 by Mike Davis (current CEO & President) and Misty Davis (current CFO).

1999  Armed with a pick-up truck and trailer, Mike and Misty start hauling junk part-time for extra income. Their Wichita based junk removal service, Better Hauling Company, is known by most as 943-JUNK, which is the phone number used for branding.

2002  Negotiations begin for the 1-800-JUNKPRO vanity phone number.

2006  Mike resigns from the large corporation he has worked at for 7 years to start building a franchisable system and concentrate on 1-800-JUNKPRO full-time.

2007  The first 1-800-JUNKPRO 'junk-truck' is designed in-house, and built by a custom truck manufacturer in Park City, Kansas. The pick-up truck and trailer set-up is retired.

2008  1-800-JUNKPRO moves from a home-based office to an 8000 square foot building in Valley Center (Wichita), Kansas.

2009  After seven years of negotiations, the purchase of the 1-800-JUNKPRO vanity phone number is final.

2010  The company is officially renamed 1-800-JUNKPRO. The first customer friendly online booking system is launched.

2011  The U.S.P.T.O. (United States Patent and Trademark Office) recognizes 1-800-JUNKPRO as a nationally registered trademark.

2012  1-800-JUNKPRO completes all requirements needed to offer franchises nationwide.

2013  The junk-truck is updated and redesigned in preparation for mass production.
1-800-JUNKPRO builds and opens its Contact Center, which is capable of booking and dispatching 2200 jobs per day.

2015  Dumpster rental service is added.

2016  The first 1-800-JUNKPRO franchise is opened in Kansas City, Missouri.



Our Vision is to be the 1st name that comes to mind
when junk removal or dumpster rental is mentioned anywhere in the U.S.

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