1-800-JUNKPRO Jackson, MS

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Serving Jackson and the Surrounding Area


1-800-JUNKPRO Jackson

1-800-JUNKPRO, a.k.a. "JUNK PRO", is a full-service junk removal and dumpster rental company. We remove furniture, appliances, electronics, yard waste, moving remnants, remodeling debris, storm debris and more! We also do donation pick-ups and business, rental and foreclosure clean-outs. 

We have upfront pricing with no hidden fees, quick response times - many times the same day, and a low price guarantee. Our trucks and dumpsters are clean and residential friendly... No rusty, oil dripping trucks, and no rusty eye sore dumpsters. You will not be embarrassed to have our equipment on your property. We are also the only company in Jackson who uses our residential-friendly dumpster system, which cuts ground pressure by 50%, and sets the dumpster down lighty, instead of using a cable-pull roll-off-the-back system.

We offer 2 services:

  • Full-Service Junk Removal for anyone.
  • Dumpster Rental for the do-it-yourselfer.

Look for our clean and shiny green dumpsters along with our big clean junk trucks throughout Jackson and the surrounding area.



3801 I-55 S. Frontage Rd., 
Jackson, MS 39212 


Phone: (601) 419-2012

Monday: 6:30AM-8PM
Tuesday: 6:30AM-8PM
Wednesday: 630AM-8PM
Thursday: 6:30AM-8PM
Friday: 6:30AM-6PM
Saturday: 7AM-4PM
Sunday: 9AM-3PM





    means all you have to do is point. We go anywhere in or around your home or business to get the items, do all the heavy carrying and loading, then leave the area broom-swept.


    is anything, in any condition, you no longer want or need.


    means "We Make It Go Away". If it's in good shape, we'll donate it. If it's too far past its prime, we'll recycle it. If it cannot be donated or recycled, it will be disposed of properly.

    Our full-service Junk Removal teams will remove and haul the items from wherever they're located. No need to take them to the curb, or even outside. We'll gladly pick up one or ten items, or do a total clean-up of an estate, rental property, construction site, or closed business. And yes, we meant to say "one or ten" items!



    3 SIZES

    We rent small, medium, and large residential driveway-friendly dumpsters. Our friendly phone reps will help you choose the size that best fits your needs. Click here for exact sizes.


    Our dumpster rental rates are up-front and all-inclusive. Our rates include delivery, up to 7 days of rental time, pick-up, hauling, and up to 3 tons of disposal weight. On top of that, we do not charge a fuel surcharge or sales tax.


    Or, in our case, we deliver and take the dumpster away "easy"! Our trucks weigh less, our dumpsters have driveway-friendly wheels, and our lift system puts less pressure on the driveway than a standard system. You work hard for your property. We work hard to make sure you'll recommend us to others, by respecting it.

     Dumpster Rental is the best option if you are a "do-it-yourselfer", or you need time to sift through your items. We deliver it. You fill it. We pick it up!



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