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We could tell you how great we are, but it's what our customers say about our service that really matters...

I got prompt, courteous service today from two very professional movers. I was pleasantly surprised how easy the whole process was -- from online to pick-up. Perfect for someone like me who's on a tight deadline and is about to move. I wish I had called 1-800-junk pro years earlier, rather than renting a truck to haul items to Goodwill. It was definitely worth the cost. Lou

-Lou S.

I could not be happier with this service! I had to move out of my apartment fast, and had a TON of junk to get rid of. I'd seen their trucks around and decided to give them a call. Two guys showed up, friendly as ever. I showed them all my stuff and they said it'd be a truck load. While it was a little pricey it was TOTALLY worth it. They got rid of all my 'junk' in less than 2 hours and i was so impressed. If i ever need to get rid of anything again i know who to call. I told my parents about this service to get rid of all the junk in the backyard and basement that had been there for years. They called them up and had them take away everything, they had nothing but praises!! Great, courteous, friendly and honest service!!! Totally recommend!

-Dee Ann D.

Such quick turnaround they were almost at the door when I hung up.
Professional, friendly, and even swept up when done. Stellar service, albeit a bit pricey, still less than the other companies I called. There will be a next time.

-Kassandra N.

God bless these people. I had a 3 br house with a huge garage/basement that was filled with the detritus of 5 people's lives, not to mention the detritus of a few mice (as the guys from 1 800 JUNK PRO discovered). I craigslisted, and then I "free" craigslisted, and what was left, these guys came and got.

So nice, so kind about the junk in my house, so efficient. - they saved me my security deposit. AND they swept.

God bless them.

-Jay R.

Today, I said goodbye to an old friend. She'd been with me 14 years. Reliable, forgiving, steady & comfortable. She'd seen & been through a lot with me.

Although I made several attempts to find my big ol' comfy blue couch a good home and save the earth, I couldn't find any takers. I found this place via an online search & booked an appointment today. 

The haulers were quick & friendly. Definnetly recomend.

-Theresa C.

As a Personal Assistant, I have very high standards and many clients with high expectations.

I know 1-800-Junk pro will be on time, will confirm the appointment and the team that shows up will be fast, efficient and professional.

They have saved the day and are consistent and are a perfect price point.
Great service.

-Maria M.

Quick service, phone call follow up, friendliest guys ever. A+, 5-star service for sure. 

-Jen L.

TOTALLY AWSOME! I had a nasty futon mattress that the trash dudes wouldn't pick up. I called 1-800-Junkpro and they came the next day and hauled it away!! 
I highly recommend them-they're professional and on point!

Thanks Junk Guys!

-Anna P.

I normally don't take the time to rate services like this, but I had to make an exception this time. First of all, I was able to schedule a pickup first thing in the morning with less than 12 hours notice, and they arrived in the early part of the 2 hour window they gave me.
Second, and more importantly, they were quick, friendly, and professional. I was at the tail end of a move out of an apartment and was on my last nerve. The move had been a real nightmare up until this point and my landlord was making it even more difficult. The last thing I had to do was remove some old furniture and junk and the friendliness of the team really made my day. The removal went smoothly and quick with no headaches, and they were even fun to chat with. I think they helped me avert a nervous breakdown by mere moments. I will not hesitate to call them again.

-Chris C.

They came, they saw, they took. As promised, on time and polite. Recommended.

- Tom H.

I was not home when they came but hubby was impressed with them. They call prior to arrival - on time. The two men were efficient and fast...yes, they clean up after all your "treasure" are put in the truck. How cool is that? Having to hand over the home to the new owner, this was probably the most stress free process to get the garage cleaned up. 

You should know that they will try to recycle or reuse anything they think are your junk may end up in a loving home somewhere.

-Crystal W.

I LOVE THESE FOLKS. I've been using their service at my work for the last few years and I have yet been disappointed by them. They're friendly, work super fast, not sketchy and the phone operators rule too.

-Jaime T.

Moving from KC to Wichita was no easy task, especially when our living space went from 2200 sq. ft. w/ a large patio and closet and a 2 car garage to just over 1200 sq. ft. So what do you do with all the junk you have collected in the years that you so lovingly stored away in the garage and every single storage space available? You call 1-800-JUNKPRO, we did and it was the easiest part of the move, by far.

-Ed B.

The nice folks at 1-(800)-JUNKPRO confirmed my appointment by e-mail, called ahead when they said they would, arrived on time, and did a fast and neat job with no fuss. 

Not only that, they knocked a few bucks off the price because I didn't fill up all of my allotted space. Now you gotta love that! 

I would definitely use this service again.

-Brandi S.

These guys are fast, organized and helpful. They have saved me multiple times both personally and professionally.

-Eunice D.

I had a mountain of "junk" to get rid of because I was moving from a house that I had lived in for 8 years and I needed it out immediately. If I hadn't gotten the stuff out that day it would have cost me my deposit. The guys worked with my time frame, gave me an estimate and got it done. The original estimate was for ½ a truck load, but at the end of the job my stuff actually took up less then they thought so the job was cheaper then I thought! (awesome when you are on a budget) 

I would definitely use these guys again.

-Tamara B.

3rd Time. This company has some of the best people I have ever met. They show up on time, get to work and do an excellent job. I will use them everytime I need junk removed. Thanks guys, yall were great, again!

-Jamie D.

These guys are great!!! I had a bunch of junk at my business, they came by and 30 min later it was gone. Thanks 1-800-JUNKPRO, my house is next.

-Alvin C.

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the level of service I received. The 2 young men you sent over were very proffesional and did an excellent job of removing the old hot tub from my back yard. I would not think twice about recomending you to neighbors and friends. It is not very often that I feel the need to give a company and their employee's a letter of a job well done. Thanks again.

-Phil L.

They were very professional. The first time they moved an electronic piano. They came in, picked it up, put it in the back of their truck and it was all done and over with. When they were moving the piano, they were careful with the doors and door frames.  Then I had cleaned up the garage after I moved in and I had all the stuff in the driveway and they just backed their truck up, threw it in the truck and it was all gone. They were all very professional and clean.

-Stacey S.

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